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Apart from coaching, Tsoanelo Pholo is a renowned speaker; she relays her champion story about her path to being an Olympian


Coach​ Pholo's coaching ranges from personalised 1-on-1 sessions to full 3-day camps.


All sessions include everything from technical skills, nutrition advice, to conditioning training.


Coach​ Pholo's diverse experience has effortlessly earned her the title of renowned speaker. She has spoken on numerous occasions​, at​ schools and​ corporate engagements.


Talks range from ​school award ceremonies, valedictory assemblies ​to the start of​ hockey season or school terms.

Personal Coaching


This coaching option matches hockey players with​ Coach Pholo's​ experience to improve their skills and increase their confidence.

Small Groups

This category improves all the players athletic performance​ to reach their individual goals.

Team Sessions


In addition to working on coercion and connections; ​Coach Pholo will focus on team tactics, set pieces and match play.

1/2 Day Camps


Th​is camp aims to improve the player​, with the objective of long term growth for both players and the team.

1 Day Camps

​Players on every level get an opportunity to nurture and improv​e ​their​ overall​ game at optimal intensity.

2 Day Camps

Expert training to hockey players who are committed​ to the game,​ by helping them dramatically improve their skill level in a fun, high intensity camp.

3 Day Camps

Th​is​ c​amp gives the repetition each player needs to master new skills in an environment that is similar to a National High Performance camp.


Coach Pholo is an FIH Level 4 Accredited Field Hockey coach & FIH Coach Educator from South Africa. In all her work, she is committed and dedicated to unlocking the potential in every individual she works with.



In her 25 year experience with hockey, both as a player and as a coach, she has had the privilege and pleasure of getting to know the in’s and out of the sport on a global scale.


As an international player and Internationally accredited coach, she learned the importance of player development and managing individual personalities as well as developing coaching ideas which include the development and monitoring of players and coaches, the effective running of camps, clinics, and practice sessions.



Coach Pholo understands the value of training the correct technique at the optimal intensity; for individuals, teams, and big groups alike.


When she's not teaching and playing she deliberately invests her time and energy in staying relevant and up-to-date to the ever-evolving techniques of not only the local but the universal game.



For queries, contact the Coach Pholo team below​.

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Tel: +2776 682 1912

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